QES management policy of the company:

Fine printing, continuous improvement, leading the industry trend with first-class printing!
To be an enterprise compliant with all health, safety, and environmental regulations!

QES objectives of the company:

① One-time inspect defect rate≤1.10% ② Customer satisfaction >85 points;

③ Qualification rate of feeding inspection ≥ 98.5%; ④ Pass rate of environmental protection products of 100%.

Environmental safety total target items and target values:

① The number of casualties in traffic accidents is 0/year; ② 100% of special workers are on duty with certificates;

③The number of fire equipment failures is 0/year; ④ The number of accidental fires is 0/ year;

⑤ The number of electricity accidents is 0/ year; ⑥ The number of occupational diseases is 0/year;

⑦ The number of major work-related accidents does not exceed 1 case per quarter (major work-related injuries are those with medical expenses above 20,000 yuan);

⑧ 100% of solid and liquid hazardous wastes are treated according to the specifications of the law;

⑨ Domestic sewage is treated and discharged up to standard; ⑩ Waste gas is treated and discharged up to standard.


instrument burst degrees

Equipment model:DCP-NPY5600/DCP-NPY1200             

Test objects: Corrugated paper, carton

Main function: Test the breaking resistance of corrugated paper and carton


board stiffness tester

Equipment model: J-TDY500A
Origin: Sichuan
Test objects: Paper and grey board 700mm (length) ×38mm (width)
Main function: Test the bending stiffness of incoming materials (paper and grey board)。



viscosity tester

Equipment model:CZY-6S    

Origin: Ji'nan

Test object: Self-adhesive double-sided tape 70 mm (length) × 25 mm (width)

Test objective/ method: Hang the test board with adhesive sample vertically on the test rack, hang the weight of specified weight at the lower end, and measure the displacement of sample debonding after a certain period of time


Initial adhesion tester

Equipment model:C2Y-G   

Origin: Ji'nan

Test object: Self-adhesive double-sided tape

Test objective/ method: Initial tack of sample is tested with the oblique plane ball rolling method. The adhesion of the tape to the steel ball when contacted by slight pressure.



compression testing machine

Equipment model:HD-501-700
Design standards: TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642
Origin: Fujian
Test object: Finished carton
Main function: Measure the compression resistance of cartons; can serve as test for stacking strength.



transportation vibration platform

Equipment model:FYA-100


Test object: Several cartons containing finished products

Main function: For any product that is subject to shock and vibration during transportation, use and storage, this instrument can simulate "real world" transportation of finished products, which helps users accurately understand the vibration-resistant life of products.



Compression test instrument

Equipment model:DCP-KY3000 


Test object: Carton

Main function: The default test items of the instrument include ring pressure test, adhesion test and edge crush test, which can be switched with other tests. Our company has excelled in conducting tests on edge crush resistance of cartons.



Resistance to yellowing aging tester

Equipment model:HD-704

Design standards:JIS-P8127、ASTM D1148

Test object: Finished product processed by UV ink

Temperature control range: Normal temperature ~200℃

Main function: Test aging and yellowing resistance. Test sunlight, high temperature and moisture resistance of UV-treated finished products.



Constant temperature test box

Equipment model: Self-made

Test object: Finished printing sheet or finished packing box

Test principle and main function: Set the temperature of the constant temperature test box to 65℃, and then put finished product into box to determine glue integrity in the finished product.



Halogen moisture tester

Equipment model:SF-60

Test object: Glue

Main function: Test water content, solid content, time, temperature and weight of glue to determine whether the supplied glue meets our standard.



Direct-reading hydrometer

Equipment model: DH-300L            

Test object: Banana oil, alcohol and other chemical liquid products.

Main function: Test the density of banana oil and alcohol, and judge whether our incoming banana oil and alcohol meet the standard of ink preparation.



electronic stripping tester

Equipment model:PARAM BLD-200S

Origin: Ji'nan

Test object: Gold and silver cardboard (15mm wide and 200mm long)

Test principle and main function: According to GB/T2791-1995, peel strength, shear resistance, tensile strength and other performance tests are carried out on films, paper and other related products.


FSC Management System

Shenzhen Xian Jun Long Printing Co., Ltd. successfully passed FSC international forest management system certification on October 12, 2011, which not only granted the company ability to further develop the international market, but also signified another big step on the road to green printing, continually improving carbon emission and environmental protection goals.

G7 Management System

Shenzhen Xian Jun Long Printing Co., Ltd. passed the G7 management system certification of IDE Alliance in March 2014.

QES Management System

According to ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and its preceeding ISO9001:2015 quality management system, Shenzhen Xian Jun Long Printing Co., Ltd. has established a three-standard integrated management system: balancing quality, environment, and occupational health / safety goals. After six months of efforts from November 16 to 18, 2011, it successfully passed the certification and examination of China Quality Certification Center (CQC).

IOS 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007