Company QES management policy

Fine printing refinement, continuous improvement, first-class printing industry trend!

Abide by the law, reduce pollution, green environmental protection and create a safe enterprise!

Company QES goals

① One-time inspection defect rate of the product ≤0.98%

(2) The pass rate of feed inspection is ≥97%

③ Customer satisfaction ≥90 points

④ Environmental protection products detection pass rate of 100%

Environmental safety overall target items and target values

① The number of failures of fire equipment is 0/ year

(2) The number of accidental fires is 0/ year

(3) The number of electricity accidents is 0 times/year

(4) The number of occupational diseases is 0/ year

(5) The number of major industrial injury accidents shall not exceed 1 case (medical expenses of more than 20,000 yuan are considered as major industrial injury)

⑥ Solid and liquid hazardous wastes shall be treated 100% in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations

⑦ Domestic sewage is discharged after treatment

⑧ Exhaust gas is discharged after treatment

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